Are flights in Mexico safe?

Is Flying Aeromexico safe?

For those of you wondering, “Is Aeromexico safe?” when you see great deals for Aeromexico, you can feel good knowing the answer is yes. The airline has passed standard safety inspections and does get fairly good scores for safety.

What is the best airline in Mexico?

In general, the 4 best airlines you can book to Mexico are:

  • United Airlines.
  • American Airlines.
  • Delta Air Lines.
  • Aeromexico.

Is Volaris a safe airline?

Volaris, the Safest Ultra Low Cost Airline in Latin America According to Airline Ratings. Volaris was once again recognized by the prestigious as one of the safest airlines in the world, being the safest ultra low cost airline of Latin America.

Is Aeromexico owned by Delta?

Delta and Aeromexico have been joint venture partners since 2017. Delta also owns 49% of Aeromexico but took a $770 million charge on its investment last year after the carrier’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing.

What is the safest airline in Mexico?

“The Mexican airlines that have been given permission to fly to the U.S. meet FAA’s safety standards,” says Harteveldt. On the whole, the aviation industry still regards Mexico’s airlines as safe. “We believe Aeromexico is incredibly safe,” Glen Hauenstein, Delta’s president, said at a conference on Tuesday.

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Which airline is better Aeromexico or Volaris?

Volaris overtook Aeroméxico to become Mexico’s leading airline in 2019, statistics show. The low-cost airline transported 21.97 million passengers on domestic and international flights last year, while 21.8 million people flew with Aeroméxico, the nation’s flag carrier.

Which airline is better Volaris or Interjet?

Interjet is generally thought better than Volaris. Do a search on “Volaris” on this forum and you will see many complaints. Of course chances are that your trip will be completely trouble-free whichever airline you choose.