Are there scorpions in Playa del Carmen?

Is it safe to swim in Playa del Carmen?

Playa del Carmen, the north beach in Tulum, and Akumal all have lifeguards for the beaches but they are limited. Swim close to shore and it you are not a big swimmer, wear a life vest. Waves will not get to big, this is a not a surfers paradise so swimming can be done every day!

Are there scorpions in Cancun Mexico?

We have seen many scorpions, especially when living outside of Cancun. … Most scorpion stings are painful but not dangerous, especially in this area. The most venomous scorpions are small and pale. Any child under the age of eight stung by a scorpion should receive immediate medical attention.

Are there scorpions in Mexico?

In Mexico, there are over 200 scorpion species; they are all venomous but only a dozen of them are dangerous for humans. Scorpion stings can be treated with Alacramyn, an antidote developed by Mexican scientists, including Alejandro Alagón.

Are there scorpions in Cozumel?

There are two very common species of scorpion found on Cozumel. Centruroides caribbeanus (a newly ID species) & Diplocentrus cozumel. I understand the Centruroides sting to be the most significant pain wise. They’re slender in build, are a black/gray in color, can grow to 5″.

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Is there sharks in Playa del Carmen?

Shark sightings are rare and shark attacks even rarer. You see much of the coral along the coast at Playa del Carmen has died off which does not attract reef fish, which the sharks feed on. … Due to the lack of prey and the large number of boats that cruise the waters sharks stay away from Playa del Carmen.

What do you do if you get stung by a scorpion in Mexico?

(Guero in Mexican Spanish means “light-skinned.”) If you are stung by a scorpion (any color) seek help from a local doctor or local health clinic where you can be administered with an antidote.

Do you need bug spray in Cancun?

Because Cancun has a tropical climate, you need to protect your skin from sun and bugs. Bring sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, and a DEET-based bug repellent spray.

How big do scorpions get in Mexico?

Three genera are distributed in Mexico including the biggest scorpions in North America (reaching up to 150 mm). Although some Centruroides and some diplocentrids reach this length, Hadrurus and Hoffmannihadrurus species have a more robust body.

What kind of scorpion lives in Baja?

There are two kinds of scorpions found in Baja—the bark scorpion and the striped tail scorpion. The striped tail scorpion is venomous, but not considered dangerous.