Best answer: Does Mexico have a zip code?

Does Mexico use zip codes?

A postal code or ZIP code in Mexico is called a código postal (C.P.). Mexican postal codes are made up of five digits. … All other post codes are assigned in alphabetical order.

How do you write an address for Mexico?

The postal service in Mexico recognizes the following structure for a postal address:

  1. Line 1: Street type, Street name, House number Line 2: Neighborhood, Municipality Line 3: Postal code, City, State Line 4: Country.
  3. Street: PRIVADA UNIÓN House Number: 10 Locality 2: COL.

How many postal codes are in Mexico?

There are over 36.000 ZIP codes in Mexico.

What is the zip for New Mexico?

Looking for a list of cities, counties or zips in New Mexico?

Rank Zip Code Population
1 87121 78,276
2 87114 68,789
3 87120 63,884
4 87105 58,119

Can you send mail to Mexico?

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USPS® international mail services go to more than 180 countries, including Great Britain, Canada, Japan, Mexico, and Australia. … Use Click-N-Ship® service to print postage and address labels online, plus get help with filling out customs forms.

How do I send mail from US to Mexico?

Use a private carrier that ships to Mexico, such as UPS, DHL, FedEx, or NEX Worldwide Express, to send large or unusually shaped packages. Private carriers can often get international packages to Mexico more quickly than public ones (about 2-3 business days), though they are typically pricier, too.

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How do I enter a Mexican address into Amazon?

Solution: Go to your Purchase Preferences, ensure you’re using your Mexico address as your default address, and enable 1-click ordering in your browser. If you aren’t set up like this, simply add your Mexico address and set it as your default address.

What state is Mexico City in?