Best answer: Is it safe to take a taxi from Cancun Airport?

Is it safe to uber from Cancun airport?

Uber is completely safe in Cancun (as safe as it is anywhere else). Taxis have LONG had a stranglehold in Cancun and charged OUTRAGEOUS prices for going anywhere.

How much is a taxi from Cancun airport to downtown Cancun?

Cancun Airport Taxi Rates

Destination Online From Regular Fare
Cancun Hotel Zone $24.85+ $45.00+
Cancun Downtown $24.43+ $45.00+
Puerto Juarez $24.64+ $45.00+
Puerto Morelos $32.68+ $45.00+

How much is a taxi from Cancun airport to city?


The travel time by taxi is around 25 minutes and the taxi fare from Cancun Airport to city center is around 600 MXN which is $25-30 USD. The prices and travel time aren’t fixed and it will depending on traffic and your final destination.

Is Uber safe in Cancun 2020?

But, in my experience, its always been safe to take Uber in Cancun. You should take some precautions, though. As mentioned above, it’s best to order your Uber away from any taxi ranks. … On the flip-side, taxis may not be any safer than Uber cars.

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Is it safe to take a taxi from Cancun Airport?

So, is it safe to take a taxi in Cancun? Taxis in hotel zone are safe, but you should be cautious if taking a taxi in downtown. We recommend considering Private Transportation for any kind of service. It is comfortable, totally safe and always available, plus it counts with fixed non-incrementable-by-drivers rates.

How do I get from the Cancun Airport to my hotel?

How do I get from Cancun Airport to Hotel Zone? You can make the 23km journey from Cancun International Airport to Hotel Zone of Cancun by taxi or by bus. Choosing to ride the ADO bus will take you around 60 minutes, with a change in the city centre, and will cost 4€ (86 MXN) one-way.

Are taxis in Cancun expensive?

Taxi prices in Cancún are clearly set by zone, although keeping track of what’s in which zone can take some doing. The average fare within the Hotel Zone is 60–90 pesos per ride, making it one of the most expensive taxi areas in Mexico. … Trips to the airport from most zones cost about 280 pesos (up to four people).

How far is downtown Cancun from airport?

A: Cancun International Airport is located 7.5 miles (12km) from downtown Cancun and 12.5 miles (20 km) southwest from the heart of the hotel zone.

Do you tip taxis in Cancun?


It’s not customary to tip a Taxi driver unless they help you with your luggage. We recommend from 10 Pesos per suitcase.

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How much does it cost to take a taxi from Cancun Airport to Playa del Carmen?

Taxi: A taxi from Cancun to Playa del Carmen should cost you about $45.

Does Cancun Airport have taxi service?

If you are traveling with your friends and are a maximum of 3 people, get Cancun Airport Taxi service. If you like to enjoy an efficient, comfortable and pleasant service, the Taxi from Cancun Airport is the perfect option for you.

Is there LYFT in Cancun?

Unfortunately, neither Lyft nor UBER are available in Cancun. But there is (as they have mentioned) public transportation (buses & combis) and taxis.