Best answer: What is the most important economic resource in Mexico?

What are the most important resources in Mexico?

The main natural resources in Mexico are minerals, which include gold, copper, petroleum, silver, and others. Other resources include timber from extensive forests and agricultural land.

What does the economy of Mexico rely on?

The economy is highly dependent on manufacturing and U.S. economic patterns as approximately 80% of Mexican exports are destined for the United States. The country’s economy will likely continue to remain closely tied to that of the United States, despite Mexico’s efforts to diversify trade.

What do you think would be Mexico’s most important resource if it did not have oil explain your answer?

WHAT DO YOU THINK WOULD BE MEXICO’S MOST IMPORTANT RESOURCE IF IT DID NOT HAVE OIL? Tourism would be Mexico’s most important resource because Southern Mexico has beautiful beaches. It has a warm climate. … The Mexican War because Mexico lost so much of its land to the United States.

What is Mexico’s most important mineral product?

According to the Mexican Mining Chamber (Cámara Minera de México or CAMIMEX), Mexico leads the world’s production of silver. Mexico was the ninth-largest producer of gold and seventh-largest producer of copper in 2018. Mexico is also an important producer of coal with an annual coal production of 82,537 tons.

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What is Mexico’s most important natural resource?

Oil is one of the most important natural resources in Mexico, and very important for its economy.

What were the benefits of the oil expropriation?

Mexican oil exports decreased by 50% and the Mexican Government’s primary customer for oil became Nazi Germany. Expropriation also led the British to take a very strong stand against Mexico’s actions, which prompted the Cárdenas government to sever diplomatic relations.