Best answer: Why do Mexicans do Christmas on Christmas Eve?

Why do Spanish celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve?

Midnight Mass

Many people go to a Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, known as La Misa Del Gallo (The Mass of the Rooster), because a rooster supposedly crowed the night Jesus was born. … It’s a special time for families to get together, give thanks and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

What do Mexican Americans do on Christmas Eve?

For many Latinos Nochebuena (Christmas Eve) is the main event for the holiday season. It centers around a late family dinner, typically after Misa de Gallo, Midnight Mass, followed by music, dancing, and the opening of the regalos, or Christmas gifts. For many households, it’s an all-night event.

How is Christmas Eve celebrated in Spain?

Christmas Eve, or Nochebuena in Spanish, is celebrated on December 24 and is generally a family affair. Usually, members of the extended family gather around a feast of meat, wine, typical foods not eaten at other times of the year, and all kinds of desserts.

What happens in Spain on December 22nd?

Spanish tradition has it that the Three Kings, los Reyes Magos, are the ones who on the morning of January 6th, el Día de Reyes, bear presents for all the children, repeating the ritual they performed after baby Jesus was born. … This is a long, drawn-out event that unfolds on the morning of December 22nd.

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How is Christmas celebrated differently in Mexico than it is in the US?

While both countries regard December 25th as the observed date of the event, Mexican Christians focus their celebration on the evening before, December 24th. Christmas Eve in America is still respected as a holy day, but contemporary Christians usually spend this day in preparation for the next.