Do I need an appointment for Mexican Consulate?

How do I make an appointment with the Mexican Consulate?

To book an appointment, first log in to the Mexitel portal with your account details. You will then arrive at a page that requires details of your chosen consulate, type of procedure (e.g. visa) and personal information. Click on SCHEDULE and a form with various steps will open.

Do I need an appointment to renew my Mexican passport?

Your first step in the Mexican passport renewal process is to make contact with the MEXITEL (877-639-4835) passport helpline. They will assist you in making an appointment with a Mexican consulate nearest you.

How do I renew my Mexican passport in Mexico?

For a passport renewal, an applicant must visit a regional office of the ministry or one of its liaison offices, complete the OP -5 form and present an official photo identification card, two colour passport photographs and proof of payment of fees (Mexico n.d. e).

Can I go to the Mexican consulate without an appointment?

In order to apply for residency in Mexico, either temporary or permanent, you need to ask for an appointment at a Mexican consulate. You are not required to visit the consulate located in your hometown; you may apply at any Mexican consulate around the world.

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Is the Mexican consulate in NY open?

The consulate general is open Mondays to Fridays between 7:00 and 13:00 and 15:00 and 19:30. The offices of the consulate general may be closed on U.S. and Mexican public holidays.

Can I renew my Mexican passport at the post office?

The bad news is that you cannot renew a passport at a passport acceptance office, including the post office. … Instead, use the expedited renewal-by-mail procedure that allows you to post the DS-82 application, photo, old passport and fee to the State Department.

How long does it take to get a Mexican passport renewed?

Bring the required documents and passport renewal fee to the nearest consulate to renew your passport. You should receive your new passport within two months.

Can I get a Mexican passport online?

The Mexican passport application form is also called form OP5, and you can find it online at the Secretary of Foreign Relations website. The application asks whether you’re renewing a passport or applying for your first one, and for your personal and contact information.

How can I renew my passport online?

Renew the passport of UAE national. Provide an ID number for the customer.

Submit a service request

  1. Access to the smart services system (digital identity or user name).
  2. Search for the service you want to apply for.
  3. Fill in the application data, where applicable.
  4. Pay the service fee (if any)

Can I travel to Mexico with an expired Mexican passport?

My Passport is Expired; Can I Still Travel to Mexico? Put shortly, no. Unless you travel by land or sea and use one of the alternative identification methods described above. An expired passport is not valid identification and can result in you getting turned away at the airport or border.

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