Do sharks live in Cancun?

Are sharks bad in Cancun?

Cancun Activities: Sharks, a Hands On Adventure!

This species of shark is completely harmless, as it feeds on mollusks and some small marine species that come from the bottom of the sea. … Live the unique experience of swimming with sharks in Playa del Carmen!

Are there great white sharks near Cancun?

While some of the dive shops in Cancun say they cage dive with great white sharks out of Playa del Carmen, it is only Guadalupe Island that offers great white shark cage diving in clear blue water with 100 150 foot visibility.

Has there ever been a shark attack in Mexico?

Shark attacks in Mexico have been seen as relatively uncommon. There have been at least 39 confirmed unprovoked shark attacks in Mexico since 1907, according to the Florida Museum’s International Shark File.

Can you swim in Cancun ocean?

Cancun and the area to the south, the Riviera Maya, is home to some 150 miles of beach. It is important for visitors to always pay attention to flags on the beach, which indicate water conditions. … A green flag means that it’s completely safe to swim.

Do sharks live in Cancun?

Cancun is home to around 40 different species of shark. The variety is wide: from the small dogfish to the huge whale shark.

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Do sharks live in Mexico?

The Gulf of Mexico is home to more than a dozen different species of sharks. … While many people fear sharks, shark attacks on humans are extremely rare. Sharks that live in the Gulf of Mexico include the bull, thresher, nurse, hammerhead, oceanic white tip, blacktip, sandbar, shortfin mako, blacknose, and finetooth.

Are there sharks in Mexico Riviera Maya?

Yes, there are some sharks. But please do not worry. If there is salt water, there is probably some type of sharks in the area any place in the world where you might swim. However, the Riviera Maya area is one of the safest places in the world when it comes to having to worry about shark bites.

Have there been any shark attacks in Cozumel Mexico?

Not to alarm anyone but in honor of shark week, my “shark week” addicted husband was researching shark attacks and found 3 recorded fatal attacks on divers in Cozumel. One was on June 11, 1993 when a 42 year old Dallas female was killed on Santa Rosa Shallows.