Do whales migrate to Mexico?

Do whales go to Mexico?

The waters around the Mexican peninsula are one of the world’s areas most rich with species, including blue whales. The Baja California is one of the most important regions for whale watching in the whole world, as various kinds of whales use the subtropical waters of the Mexican peninsula as winter quarters.

Why do whales migrate to Mexico?

Gray whales migrate north each spring to feast and grow fat in the rich feeding waters of the Arctic. They migrate south each fall to mate and give birth in lagoons on Mexico’s Baja Peninsula. … In January she reached the warm, safe lagoons of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, just in time to give birth.

Why do gray whales migrate each year from Alaska to Baja California Mexico?

Gray whales spend the summers eating marine worms and amphipods (shrimp-like animals). … Most gray whales migrate south in the fall when the Arctic ice pack starts to form. They swim along the North American coastline to Baja California, Mexico — a distance of more than 6,000 miles (9,656 km).

Do whales migrate through the Gulf of Mexico?

Yes, whales can be found traveling throughout the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. In fact, there are over 25 different species of whale and dolphin that can be found swimming, living, and traveling through the waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

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Why do whales migrate?

Scientists propose that whales that forage in polar waters migrate to low latitudes to maintain healthy skin. … Because of their size, large whales should be able to successfully give birth in frigid polar waters. Due to reduced feeding opportunities in the tropics, most whales fast during their months-long migrations.

Where do whales breed in Mexico?

There are only three lagoons in the world where gray whales give birth to their babies – Guerrero Negro, Ojo de Liebre and Laguna San Ignacio – and all three are in Baja! The lagoons are protected from the strong waves and currents of the Pacific Ocean and are shallow – creating a perfect setting.

What time of year do whales migrate to Baja California?

If you’re coming to see grey whales, mid Jan – late March are the months to be in Baja. This is when they migrate here to mate and give birth. February is peak month for both grey whales and visitors, and whale watching trips take place in Magdalena Bay and San Ignacio Lagoon.

What whales are in Cancun?

Each year, thousands of California gray whales make the 10,000-mile or more (16,000-kilometer) round trek from their Arctic feeding grounds to the warm Pacific breeding waters of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula.