Does Mexico have a high or low population density?

Does Mexico have a high population density?

In 2018, Mexico’s population density was around 64.91 people per square kilometer. Among the largest cities in Mexico, Mexico City is leading with more than 8.5 million inhabitants.

Mexico: Population density 2008 to 2018 (inhabitants per square kilometer)

Characteristic Inhabitants per square kilometer
2008 57.01

Is Mexico densely or sparsely populated?

density of 10 and over per square kilometer, while all the bo lands are less densely inhabited. Mexico, however, all three elements, rainfall, altitude, and relief, are favorable over broad areas; and the combination produces Mexico’s densest population.

Is Mexico overpopulated?

It is sometimes claimed that Mexico is ‘too crowded’ or ‘overpopulated‘. … As the table shows, Mexico’s overall population density of 55 persons per km2 is low, compared to Asian and European countries: Bangladesh (1127), India (359), Japan (337), UK (255) and Germany (229).

Why is Mexico’s population so low?

By 2065, the total population will start to shrink. The causes of this rapid decline in the birth rate are many, just as in the United States. Two factors are the simultaneous decline in marriages and steep rise in divorce.

Why is Mexico’s population so high?

Because of continued high fertility and simultaneous decline in mortality, Mexico experienced rapid rates of population growth from 1960-75. According to recent population projections from the US Census Bureau, the working age population in general will grow faster than the total population.

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What is the density and distribution of Mexico?

Mexico Area and Population Density

Mexico covers an area of 1,972,550 square kilometers, making the country’s population density of about 57 people per square kilometer. Its capital city, Federal District, Mexico City, has a population of 21.2 million people with 8.9 million of these people living within the city.