Does Mexico have Ulsd?

Is ULSD available in Mexico?

Mexico still doesn’t refine enough Ultra Low Sulfer Diesel for you to count on finding ULSD at a Pemex pump. Oil independence is woven into Mexico’s national pride and the President supports Pemex. … Thus you are likely to find ULSD at Chevron, Gulf, Arco, G500 and other international stations.

Do they sell Diesel in Mexico?

Mexico imports a large portion of the clean diesel it sells in service stations across the country. In June, associations including truck manufacturers and operators pointed to an industry study showing shrinking ultra-low-sulfur diesel availability at gasoline stations in Mexico.

What type of Diesel is sold in Mexico?

Automotive diesel (PEMEX) for use in on-road vehicles, and. Marine and agricultural diesel.

Is Diesel available in Baja?

Starting in 2007, all Diesel vehicles manufactured in US and Canada have been designed for ULSD. … The good news is since 2010 ULSD have been available throughout Baja.

Does Arco have ultra low sulfur diesel?

ARCO chose to introduce the ultra low sulfur diesel, instead of the more advanced EC-Diesel, because it can be produced immediately in sufficient volumes to meet the anticipated demand while still being cost effective.

Do they sell DEF in Mexico?

In Mexico and Latin America you can’t buy DEF and you would have to transport large quantities during a long trip. While you may not be able to buy it in Mexico/Latin America, the DEF tank on the Ford is about 5 gallons, and lasts for 7500 miles.

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