How can an American legalize a car in Mexico?

How much does it cost to legalize a car from the US to Mexico?

Fees and Taxes to Import into Mexico: When you see the Mexican customs broker, then you will need to pay an import tax between $50 to $300, a document validation fee, new vehicle tax if applicable and the Mexican value added tax.

How do I register my US car in Mexico?

For importation you will need:

  1. Title for the vehicle or a letter from your creditor indicating you have permission to bring it into Mexico.
  2. Temporary Vehicle Import Permit (TIP) – apply online here. …
  3. Obtain Mexican Car Insurance.
  4. License/registration of the vehicle.
  5. Copy of your Drivers License.
  6. VIN (Vehicle Id number)

Can a US citizen own a car in Mexico?

Can a US citizen buy a car in Mexico? A US citizen can buy a car in Mexico as long as they have a permanent address in the country and a Visa.

Can you drive a car with US plates in Mexico?

It is legal to travel in Mexico with current temporary U.S. tags. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. If you do not have either the appropriate tags or the appropriate registration on your car, you might not be able to obtain a temporary vehicle importation permit to drive past the border free zone.

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How can I legally legalize my car from the US to Mexico?

Mexican law states that you have to hire a customs agent (agente aduanal) to facilitate importing a car to Mexico permanently. You must go to customs agent when crossing the border, to get the import request and pay all fees and taxes.

How much does it cost to register a car in Mexico?

Bring original and copy of your passport, residence visa, Proof of address, a utility bill, title deed, or rental contract. CURP Clave Única de Registro de Población (Unique Population Registry Code). Cash, between $1000 and $2000 pesos the cost will depend on whether you need new license plates or not.

How do you nationalize a car in Mexico?


By law, you have to hire a custom’s agent (called an agente aduanal) to handle the whole process for you. You should contact the agent 7-15 days prior to the date that you want to import the vehicle. Just to be very clear: the only way that you can legally nationalize your car is through an agente aduanal.

How long can I keep my car in Mexico?


Tourists and Temporary Residents are allowed to bring ONE car per person into Mexico, for their use as long as they keep that immigration status, including renewals. Hence, a tourist can bring a car into Mexico for 90 or 180 days (according to its immigration form).

What year cars can be exported to Mexico?

In accordance with the current NAFTA rules, since 2009, any used vehicle older than 10 years could be imported into Mexico from the United States duty-free.

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Can a non resident buy a car in Mexico?

A foreigner may buy a Mexican-registered car in Mexico provided they are either a temporary or permanent resident, and in possession of the relevant immigration visa. New cars are usually sold at a dealership, which generally takes care of the paperwork in order to register the vehicles in the buyer’s name.

Can I buy a vehicle in Mexico?

To buy a car in Mexico you just need to have money. Signe a contract with the previous owner finally take from him the keys (plus: the original bill of the car, a copy of his passport, the tarjeta de circulacion). … So you can easily use the car with a tarjeta on the previous owner’s name (if it’s still valid).

Are cars cheaper in Mexico than the US?

Yes! Prices are generally cheaper in Mexico, both for new and used cars. Moreover, if you know local tips on how to buy the vehicle, you can get even more value for less price.