How can I take my car to Mexico?

How can I bring my car into Mexico legally?

Mexican law states that you have to hire a customs agent (agente aduanal) to facilitate importing a car to Mexico permanently. You must go to customs agent when crossing the border, to get the import request and pay all fees and taxes.

How much does it cost to take your car to Mexico?

Vehicle Import Permit

The fee for vehicle importation is approximately $51.00 USD at the border or $45.00 USD online, plus IVA (tax), which can vary based on the peso exchange rate.

Can I take my car to Mexico and leave it there?

Nationalizing Your Vehicle.

If you are entering Mexico as a Permanent Resident, you may not bring a foreign plated car into Mexico on a TIP. Instead, you must nationalize the car. Nationalizing the vehicle gives you permission to keep it in the country indefinitely.

Can you legalize a US car in Mexico?

Visitor Permit Process for Legalizing Your Car in Mexico

In that case, you can legally import your car to Mexico for as long as your Visitor Permit is valid. So in most cases, that means that you can keep your vehicle in Mexico for up to 180 days.

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Can I import my car to Mexico?

Tourists and Temporary Residents are allowed to bring ONE car per person into Mexico, for their use as long as they keep that immigration status, including renewals. Hence, a tourist can bring a car into Mexico for 90 or 180 days (according to its immigration form).

Do I need a permit to drive my car into Mexico?

Whether you enter to Mexico on a tourist visa (less than 180 days) or on a Temporary/Permanent Resident visa (more than 180 days), you need to apply for a Temporary Importation Permit for your vehicle. … Nevertheless, if you are planning to enter as a Resident you can only get your permit at the border.

How much does it cost to legalize a car from the US to Mexico?

Fees and Taxes to Import into Mexico: When you see the Mexican customs broker, then you will need to pay an import tax between $50 to $300, a document validation fee, new vehicle tax if applicable and the Mexican value added tax.

Is it safe to drive in Mexico with US plates?

While it is possible to drive your American or Canadian car over the border and use it in Mexico, it can be a bit of a pain and in the end, cost you just as much, if not more, than renting one once you cross the border. It is required by Mexican law that all drivers have car insurance.

How do I export my car to Mexico?

They are as follows:

  1. You must fill out a definitive import permit and register it with the Mexican Customs Agency before the vehicle is allowed within the borders.
  2. A person can only important two vehicles within a twelve-month span. …
  3. Vehicles must be at least eight years old or older to export US salvage cars to Mexico.
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