How did Spaniards get to New Mexico?

Where did the Spaniards make their first two settlements in New Mexico?

After several months of traveling along the Rio Grande, the first Spanish headquarters in New Mexico was established at San Juan de los Caballeros, at the junction of the Rio Grande and Chama Rivers. Shortly thereafter, the headquarters were moved across the river to San Gabriel, near present-day Espanola.

What did the Spanish find in New Mexico?

Spanish conquerors moved north of the Rio Grande in 1598 hoping to find gold and silver. Instead they found modest towns where Native peoples lived in adobe houses and practiced irrigation agriculture.

Why did the Spanish come to America?

Motivations for colonization: Spain’s colonization goals were to extract gold and silver from the Americas, to stimulate the Spanish economy and make Spain a more powerful country. Spain also aimed to convert Native Americans to Christianity.

When did the Spanish settle in Santa Fe?

Santa Fe is the oldest capital city in United States and the oldest European community west of the Mississippi. While Santa Fe was inhabited on a very small scale in 1607, it was truly settled by the conquistador Don Pedro de Peralta in 1609-1610.

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Which new tribes moved into New Mexico during the 1700’s?

In the 1700s, a new challenge for the Spanish, Picuris, and Apache appeared as Comanche groups moved into northern New Mexico, shifting the power dynamics in the region.

Where was the colony of New Mexico?

The Spanish ignored the middle Rio Grande Valley for the next 56 years, until they returned to the region under the leadership of Don Juan de Oñate in 1598. Juan de Oñate (oh NYAH tay) born near Zacatecas, Mexico in about 1550 is remembered mainly for colonizing the territory now called New Mexico, in 1598.

What were early settlement patterns in New Mexico mainly based on?

Patterns of settlement in New Mexico fluctuated during the two and one-quarter centuries of Spanish rule. Expansion and contraction of the European population was determined by availability of arable land, territorial requirements of the Pueblo Indians, and pressures of hostile nomadic tribes.

What is the oldest town in New Mexico?

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe Ogha P’o’ogeh
County Santa Fe
Founded 1610
Founded by Pedro de Peralta
Named for St. Francis of Assisi