How do you fill a FMM form in Mexico?

How do I fill out a FMM form?

Here’s how to fill out the FMM: First, fill out your name (first, middle and last) exactly as it appears in your passport. Always sign your name exactly as you signed your passport, nothing more nothing less. Second, fill out the form properly.

Can I fill out FMM form at airport?

By air: passengers must fill out the form online, print it, and have it stamped at the immigration desk at the airport. The validity period of the online FMM starts the moment it is stamped at the Mexican border.

How do I apply for FMM in Mexico?

Travelers can simply fill out the online application, which is designed to be quick and straightforward. Applicants need to have access to a reliable internet connection. They should also make sure that their passport is valid for at least 6 (six) months from the date they intend to arrive in Mexico.

Can I fill out Mexico customs form online?

Mexico online entry forms

If you’re traveling to Mexico, you can fill out the required customs declaration and immigration form online before your trip instead of filling out paper forms in flight. … The immigration form is also available in English, Spanish or Japanese.

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Can you get FMM online?

FMM applications online

There is an option to apply for your visitor permit online, make the payment, print-out the form and get this stamped at the border. See the eFMM Application Page on the Mexican immigration site for details, terms and conditions.

Can you get a Mexican tourist card at the airport?

While you can get a tourist card for Mexico from the airline you travel with or at the airport when you land, more and more people choose to apply for a Mexico tourist card online. The reasons are obvious. … Valid passport – a Mexico Tourist Card application process cannot happen without a passport.

Where do I apply for FMM?

Easily obtained at an INM office at the border or online. (If you get an FMM online, it is still required to stop at an INM office at the border for the official entry stamp). Requires a valid passport or passport card. The stamped FMM is valid for land travel throughout Mexico.

How much does an FMM cost?

How Much Does It Cost? As of 2021, the fee for an FMM is $595 MXN (approx $30 USD) to the INM office processing your visa at the border. The immigration officer will give a break off a part of the FMM when you come into Mexico.

Can you get a tourist permit for Mexico online?

Tourist Cards

Apply for a tourist card online on the website of Mexico’s National Immigration Institute: online FMM application. Upon arrival in Mexico, you will present the filled-in tourist card to the immigration official who will stamp it and write in the number of days that you are allowed to stay in the country.

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What happens if I stay in Mexico more than 6 months?

The permitted stay is written on the tourist card or FMM, which is a separate document from the traveler’s visa and passport. … If instead they wish to stay longer than 6 months, they may have to apply for a new visa or leave the country temporarily and obtain a new FMM as they return to the Mexican border.