Is Saturday a holiday in Mexico?

What Mexican holiday is it this weekend?

Holidays and Observances in Mexico in 2021

Date Name
May 1 Saturday Labor Day / May Day
May 5 Wednesday Battle of Puebla (Cinco de Mayo)
May 10 Monday Mother’s Day

Is there a Mexican holiday now?

Today – 27 October 2021 – is not a holiday in Mexico. … Mexico currently celebrates seven national holidays, four official bank-only holidays, and one traditional holiday.

What are Mexico’s national holidays?

Mexico Public Holidays

  • New Year’s Day. 01 January 2021.
  • Constitution Day. 01 February 2021.
  • Birthday of Benito Ju. 15 March 2021.
  • Maundy Thursday. 01 April 2021. Note: Optional public holiday. …
  • Good Friday. 02 April 2021. …
  • Labour Day. 01 May 2021.
  • Anniversary of the Battle of Puebla. 05 May 2021. …
  • Independence Day. 16 September 2021.

What Mexican tradition is today?

Today Mexicans from all religious and ethnic backgrounds celebrate Día de los Muertos, but at its core, the holiday is a reaffirmation of indigenous life.

What celebration is today in Mexico?

Mexican Holidays

Date Holiday Category
Cinco de Mayo Cultural
Jun 14 Tuesday
National New Mexico Day Federal
Sep 16 Friday

What is the most important holiday in Mexico?

Dia de la Independence or Anniversario de la Independence, September 16, commemorates Mexico’s independence from Spain and is the most important patriotic statutory holiday.

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Is September 12 a Mexican holiday?

Independence Day is a national public holiday in Mexico. Banks, schools, government offices and many businesses are closed.

What holiday is today?

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What Holiday is Today?

Date TueNov 2 Featured
Holiday Election Day
Category Federal
Tags American, Civic

What special days are today?

Today’s holidays

  • Bandanna Day.
  • Frankenstein Friday.
  • National Breadstick Day.
  • National Cat Day.
  • National Hermit Day.
  • National Internet Day.
  • National Oatmeal Day.
  • National Pharmacy Buyer Day.

What is Cinco de Mayo in Mexico?

Cinco de Mayo, (Spanish: “Fifth of May”) also called Anniversary of the Battle of Puebla, holiday celebrated in parts of Mexico and the United States in honour of a military victory in 1862 over the French forces of Napoleon III.