Is the water clear in Cancun Mexico?

Is the Ocean rough in Cancun?

Some beaches experience rough surf and undertows. … A red flag or signs on the beach that warn “Peligro”, which means “Danger” in Spanish. A black flag means do not enter since conditions are too dangerous for swimming.

Are the beaches in Cancun swimmable?

Cancun offers a few “Blue Flag” rated beaches. These are safe beaches for swimming. They also offer disabled friendly access to the water.

What is the ocean like in Cancun?

The water color in Cancun is gorgeous blue and the sand is more tannish than white and pretty soft. IMO, the water color is the only thing that makes the beach very special. It’s not very tropical feeling with constant high rise hotels at your back, no palm trees or tropical feel so to speak.

How prevalent are shark attacks in Cancun?

Shark Attack Statistics

Mexico (the whole country, not just Cancun) scores a lowly 18th registering only 40 attacks over the same 450 year time period.

Is the ocean water in Cancun warm?

Cancun water temperatures are always bathtub warm, varying from 78°F-80°F in the winter months to 82°F-84°F in the summer months. Underwater visibility is best near Cozumel, where it can reach up to an amazing 200 feet. Visibility near Cancun is usually 50-100 feet.

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