Question: Are Mexican made guitars good?

Are Mexican guitars different?

There are differences in the paints of each guitar. The Mexican Fender is made from a polyester finish, and the American ones are a polyurethane finish. … The polyester finish is even used on their high-end Jackson guitar, but it doesn’t look as accurate.

What is the difference between a Mexican Strat and an American Strat?

American strat is considered to be superior to the Mexican strat in quality, looks and tone. 2. When comparing the quality of woods used, the wood used in American starts is higher in quality than the Mexican model. … American strat has a better tone quality than the Mexican strat.

Are Mexican Martin guitars any good?

As for quality, there seems to be no difference between the Mexican made Martins and the Nazareth ones. They are nice guitars. While there are solid wood options in that price range, I have felt these sound as good as the solid wood guitars (in the same price range).

What is the difference between a Mexican made Fender and an American?

While an American Fender has a three piece body made of ash, its Mexican equivalent is made either superior choice in wood and build. … While the Mexican variety comes with 21 frets the American Fender tops it with 22.

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Can you put an American neck on a Mexican Strat?

It will fit. The extra fret just hangs over the pickguard. The new 2015 deluxe strats have a different heel which would require some modification. Standard strat necks and/or ones from earlier years will fit just fine unless it’s a really old 3-bolt neck.

Are Fender Player Series guitars made in Mexico?

Fender Player Series guitars are all made in the world renowned Mexican Fender factory. This factory has been pumping out amazing instruments for many years, and will lilely do so for many many years to come.

Who makes the best guitars in Mexico?

Paracho, a legendary Tarascan village of guitar makers in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Michoacàn, is probably the world’s capital of guitars. Paracho artisans have been perfecting their craft, the best handmade guitars of Mexico, for over 200 years.

What Martin guitars are made in Mexico?

All Backpackers, S0 ukes and little Martins (LXM, LX-1 etc.) are made in Mexico. Most of the full-size X series guitars are also made there and they expect all X-series production to be in Mexico by the end of the year. All of Martin’s strings are made in Mexico.