Question: Does Mexico recognize tribes?

Are there any indigenous groups in Mexico?

With 17 million indigenous citizens, Mexico is the country with the largest population of indigenous peoples in the Americas. Mexico has identified 78 distinct indigenous peoples, and according to the country’s Census Bureau (INEGI), 21.5% of the total population identifies as indigenous.

Are Aztecs indigenous to Mexico?


One of the best-known indigenous Mexican groups are the Aztec, which actually absorbed many individual tribes to become one large group. Primarily Nahuatl-speaking, they claimed as their ancestral home a place called Aztlán.

What percentage of Latinos are indigenous?

Fully 42% choose white as their only race, and 20% choose Hispanic as their only race. The NSL also finds that one-in-four (25%) Latino adults say they consider themselves indigenous or Native American, such as Maya, Nahua, Taino, Quiche, Aymara or Quechua, among others.

What percentage of Mexico is mestizo?

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Mexicans have divergent ancestry, including Spanish, African, indigenous and German. And while skin color in Mexico ranges from white to black, most people – 53 percent – identify as mestizo, or mixed race.

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