Question: What are two metals mined in Mexico?

What are the main minerals mined in Mexico?

At a global level, Mexico is in the first 10 places in the top producers of 19 major minerals, such as silver, gold, copper, zinc, lead and coal, and it stands as the largest producer of silver and the eighth-largest producer of gold.

What is Mexico’s most valuable natural resource?

Oil is one of the most important natural resources in Mexico, and very important for its economy.

What mineral does Mexico produce more than any other country in the world?

Mexico is the world’s leading producer of silver, and it is also a major producer of 12 minerals, three of which are in high demand in the United States: fluorspar, graphite, and strontium.

What precious metal does Mexico produce and export?

According to the Mexican Mining Chamber (Cámara Minera de México or CAMIMEX), Mexico leads the world’s production of silver. Mexico was the ninth-largest producer of gold and seventh-largest producer of copper in 2018. Mexico is also an important producer of coal with an annual coal production of 82,537 tons.

What is Mexico known for?

Mexico is known as the land of extremes with its dense rainforests and deep canyons. Mostly covered in mountains, Mexico is famous not just for its rich natural resources but for its vibrant culture. It’s home to a great many artists and jawdropping beaches.

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