Quick Answer: What if I don’t have Mexican oregano?

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Can I use regular oregano instead of Mexican oregano?

People often wonder if regular oregano and Mexican oregano are interchangable. While you can use one in place of the other, the flavor is not really the same. Marjoram is a closer substitute to the actual flavor of Mexican oregano.

What spices are in Mexican oregano?

What is Mexican Oregano? Mexican oregano comes from the Lippia graveolens plant, an herb that is related to lemon verbena. The plant has oval-shaped green leaves and small white flower and its flavor is pungent with a slightly citrus note.

What if I don’t have Mexican oregano?

Marjoram is the best Mexican oregano substitute. Marjoram is a better substitute for Mexican oregano than even Greek oregano is because the flavor profile is more similar. According to Isabel eats Mexican Oregano is sometimes referred to as Mexican Marjoram or Mexican wild sage.

What is Mexican oregano good for?

The Nutritional Value Of Mexican Oregano

This herb also contains naringenin, a bioflavonoid known to help prevent cardiovascular disease, cancer, and even Alzheimer’s. Naringenin can also help you fight obesity by improving your metabolism.

Is there another name for Mexican oregano?

Mexican oregano is known to many by various names such as Mexican marjoram, wild oregano, and even Mexican wild sage. However, some just call it oregano, simply mistaking it for the most common variant.

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Is epazote the same as Mexican oregano?

Epazote and Mexican oregano are different herbs with similar citrus flavors. Therefore, they’re the perfect substitute for one another.

Is oregano an anti inflammatory?

In addition to being a powerful antimicrobial agent, oregano oil also has anti-inflammatory effects. One study showed that oregano essential oil significantly inhibited several inflammatory biomarkers in skin.