Quick Answer: What is the fishing like in Cancun?

What kind of fishing is in Cancun?

Cancun is one of the best sportfishing hotspots in the world! Sportfishing in Cancun is on a ‘catch and release’ basis and goes in seasons. From February to April the top catches are kingfish, barracuda, small shark, grouper and blue marlin. From April to August you will find blue marlin, sailfish, tuna, and mahi-mahi.

Can you fish at resorts in Cancun?

You can only fish the north side (Calinda) as Nizuc area is a protected area and no fishing is allowed there! Right off the beaches in Cancun DIY fishing is easy in front of your hotel, especially hotels located on the east side of the hotel zone can be very productive early morning and late afternoons.

Can you shore fish in Cancun?

Yes, you can fish in Cancun. Many spots along the shore will allow fishing but keep an eye out for any restrictions. Some of the best fishing you will find is in lagoons, inlets, and hitting the open water. The beaches in Cancun typically present too much wind for you to fish successfully from shore.

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How much does it cost to fish in Cancun?


4 Hrs $755.00 US 6 Hrs $855.00 US 12 Hrs $1200.00 US
Fishing Lic. fee Fishing lic. fee Fishing Lic. fee
Beer Beer Beer
Sodas Sodas Sodas
Bottled water Bottled water Bottled water

Does Cancun have good fishing?

Cancun fishing is an experience no fisherman will want to miss. Just being on the dazzling blue water is unforgettable, but with the best fishing boats and crews in Cancun, prepare yourself for a day of truly legendary sportfishing.

Is the fishing good in Cancun Mexico?

There are great game fish to target year round, from mid December the sailfish start to show up and can be caught through August, Blue and White Marlin from March up until August and the highly prized Dorado from March through July. Other species like Tuna, Snapper, Grouper and Barracudas can be caught year round.

Do you need a license to fish in Cancun?

Mexican Sportfishing Regulations

A Fishing License is not required when fishing from land. … With the exception of squid, this fishing license allows to capture only fin fish. It does not allow to capture any mollusks or crustaceans, and their capture by anyone is strictly prohibited.

Can you fish from shore in Mexico?

You do NOT need to purchase a Mexican fishing license if you are only going to be fishing from the shore while in Mexico. This includes surf fishing from the beach, fishing from the rocks, or fishing from a pier.

What fish can you catch off the beach in Cancun?

The most popular fish in Cancun are the Sawfish, Bonito, Snapper, Grouper, Kingfish, Roosterfish, Bonefish, Permit, Tarpon, Snook and Sea Trout.

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Do you need a fishing license to fish from shore in Mexico?

Mexican law requires that ALL people on a boat that has any fishing tackle aboard have a current Mexican fishing license. … A Mexican fishing license is not required if you are just fishing from the shore.

Do Americans need a fishing license in Mexico?

When operating a boat that carries fishing equipment in Mexican waters, it is necessary to hold a valid fishing license for everybody aboard the boat, regardless of age and whether fishing or not. A fishing license is not required when fishing from land.

Can you catch lobster in Cancun?

During these spring months the lobster eggs hatch into larvae. … In order to protect this important species, in Zone IV inclusive of Quintana Roo, the fishing ban or “veda” on both species of spiny lobster runs from March 1 through June 30.