Should you go to Cancun in September?

Is it hurricane season in Cancun in September?

Hurricanes are another consideration when planning a trip to Cancun. Mexico’s hurricane season falls between June and November (ramping up from September through November).

When should you avoid Cancun?

Just try to avoid traveling from mid-March to early April – that’s when spring breakers descend on the Yucatán’s shores. There are also significant discounts in late spring, summer and fall, but Cancún summers are sweltering and the fall months are prone to storms.

Is it bad to go to Mexico in September?

September is the beginning of the fall season, a great time to visit Mexico. While the threat of a hurricane is still a possibility, temperatures are cooler and the rainy season is beginning to subside, leaving the country lush and green.

Is it hurricane season in Mexico in September?

In Mexico, tropical and hurricane-force storms are most most prevalent between July and October —the hottest months of the year— with September and October usually the most active months.

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Is it a good time to go to Cancun in September?

Best Time to Visit Cancun for Avoiding Crowds: The best time for avoiding crowds is during the rainy season, from June through October, especially in September and October. … Weather is suitable from Mid-December all the way through April, with sunny days, very little rain, warm temperatures, and relatively low humidity.

How often does Cancun get hit by hurricanes?

Hurricane season in Cancun spans June to November, with a higher likelihood of storms from August to October. Fortunately, hurricanes are rare. The area has seen only two in the past 30 years.

What should I avoid in Cancun?

10 Things You Definitely Should Not Do in Cancún

  • Don’t JUST Stay in the Hotel Zone. …
  • Don’t Lose Your Resort Bracelet. …
  • Don’t Only Stay in Cancún. …
  • Don’t Eat at Señor Frog’s. …
  • Don’t Go at Spring Break. …
  • Don’t Visit in the Summer. …
  • Don’t Rent a Car. …
  • Don’t Skip the Street Food.

What are the rainiest months in Cancun?

* Data from weather station: Cancún, Mexico.

  • A lot of rain (rainy season) falls in the months: January, June, September, October and November.
  • On average, October is the wettest month with 10.67 inch (271.0 mm) of precipitation.
  • On average, April is the driest month with 1.61 inch (41.0 mm) of precipitation.

What is the rainy season in Cancun?

The wet season in Cancun begins in June, with hurricanes and tropical storms more likely from September to October, although they can start as early as June. Even if you are visiting Cancun during the wet season, it is unlikely to rain for prolonged periods unless there is a tropical storm.

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Is September a good time to visit Mexico City?

The best time to visit Mexico City is March-April and October-November for dry and mild weather. … This is a vibrant city with pleasant daytime temperatures year-round, but September-November sees the highest tourist traffic, so airfares and hotel prices are the highest then.

What is Mexico weather like in September?

September Weather in Mexico City Mexico. Daily high temperatures are around 73°F, rarely falling below 68°F or exceeding 78°F. Daily low temperatures are around 55°F, rarely falling below 50°F or exceeding 59°F.

Is September a good time to go to Riviera Maya?

The best months to go to Riviera Maya are March and April for a combination of warm temperatures and low rainfall. May and July are the second-best options. Temperatures will be warmer but rainfall will be somewhat higher. The worst times to go clearly are September and October followed by August and November.