What animals have gone extinct in Mexico?

What animals have become extinct in Mexico?

List of Extinct species in Mexico

scientific_name common_name taxonid
Notropis aulidion Durango Shiner 14882
Notropis orca Phantom Shiner 14891
Notropis saladonis Salado Shiner 14894
Oryzomys nelsoni Tres Marias Island Rice Rat 15583

What animal has gone extinct in 2020?

Euchorium cubense—Last seen in 1924, this Cuban flowing plant—the only member of its genus—has long been assumed lost. The IUCN characterized it as extinct in 2020 along with Banara wilsonii, another Cuban plant last seen in 1938 before its habitat was cleared for a sugarcane plantation.

What animals are extinct but still alive?

Meet Five ‘Extinct’ Species That Have Returned to Life

  • Elephant Shrew. The last time anyone recorded a sighting of the Somali elephant shrew was almost 50 years ago, after which, it was assumed to have become extinct. …
  • Terror Skink. …
  • Cuban Solenodon. …
  • Bermuda Petrel. …
  • Australian Night Parrot.

Why are animals going extinct in Mexico?

Habitat loss, poaching and illegal trade, climate change and ocean acidification remain major threats to Mexican species. – The Mexican government has, in many cases, failed to enforce existing laws and regulations aimed at protecting species like the vaquita.

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