What are some good Mexican beers?

What beer do Mexicans like the most?

The most popular beer in Mexico is Corona. Other well-known beers are Tecate, Modelo, Dos Equis, and Sol.

Is Pacifico or Corona better?

Like Corona, it’s simple and inoffensive, but still slightly more flavorful than your typical American macrobrew. … Pacifico—A bit more bitter and hefty than Corona, Montejo, or Sol, many beer drinkers view this as the best of the light lagers and it is especially popular in the western half of the country.

What are the main Mexican beers?

The Best Mexican Beer Brands

  1. Corona Extra (Cervecería Modelo) …
  2. Cerveza Pacífico Clara (Grupo Modelo) …
  3. La Lupulosa (Cervecería Insurgente) …
  4. Noche Buena (Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma Brewery – Heineken México) …
  5. Montejo (Grupo Modelo) …
  6. Psicosis Imperial IPA (Texcoco Mystic Ales)

Why is Mexican beer so popular?

Due to its rich culture and long history, Mexican beers are famous all over the world, making it one of the largest exports of Mexico. The majority of Mexican beers are lagers, pilsners, Vienna-style light and dark beers and Munich dark beers. Microbreweries produce a small variety of ales as well.

What is the world’s most popular beer?

Budweiser was the most valued beer brand worldwide in 2021, with a worth of 16.17 billion U.S. dollars. The brand was followed by Heineken in second and Stella Artois, ranked third. Brand value is a bit of nebulous concept and different definitions exist.

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Is Corona a Mexican beer?

Corona Extra was first brewed in 1925 at the Cervecería Modelo in Mexico City, Mexico. Ten years after its launch, Corona became the best- selling beer in Mexico and today continues to stand for Mexican pride around the world.

What does Estrella Jalisco taste like?

“Estrella Jalisco is a premium, 4.5% ABV Mexican pilsner with a pale, beautiful golden yellow color and a refreshingly light, crisp flavor with no aftertaste.” Amy: Golden straw color, no lacing, no head. Little to no aroma. Bubbles first, then liquid, then very little flavor.

What does Dos Equis beer taste like?

The taste was very mild, with a slight bitter note and a very mild malt flavor. … Dos Equis Amber Lager (4.7 percent ) poured a deep amber, which made the sweet flavor fairly surprising. It had only a light malt and caramel flavor and no hops, lending this beer a slight, but not overpowering sweetness.