What dangerous animals are in Puerto Vallarta?

What wild animals are in Puerto Vallarta?

An array of distinctive mammalian species inhabit the verdant forests surrounding Puerto Vallarta including White Tailed Deer, Wild Boar, Armadillo, Badger, Coyote, Skunk and Rabbit. There are a variety of cats including the legendary Jaguar, Jaguarondi, Puma, Ocelots, and the smaller Margays.

Are there poisonous snakes in Puerto Vallarta?

Poisonous snakes include the Mexican rattlesnake and the fer-de-lance. Locals call the latter cuatro narices (four noses) because it appears to have four nostrils. It’s also called nauyaca; the bite of this viper can be deadly.

Is it safe to walk around Puerto Vallarta at night?

Puerto Vallarta is much safer than most US cities, day or night. … Unless you’re looking for trouble, Mexico’s tourist cities are some of the best, safest places to go.

Are there crocodiles in Puerto Vallarta?

According to data from the University of Guadalajara and various studies carried out by the municipal government and the director of the El Salado estuary, there are only 250 crocodiles in Puerto Vallarta and only 40 of them are of adult age.

Are there wild monkeys in Puerto Vallarta?

One of the best features of Puerto Vallarta is the vast jungle that surrounds it. … Over 350 species of birds call the jungle home, as well as countless other species of animals including iguanas, monkeys, jaguar, armadillos, ocelots and more.

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Is Puerto Vallarta safe for tourists?

Puerto Vallarta is a very safe destination for international travelers, although tourists should obviously exercise caution, just as they would in their own countries. … Visitors who use common sense and travel in areas frequented by other tourists are safe and have enjoyable visits.

What do you do if you get stung by a scorpion in Mexico?

(Guero in Mexican Spanish means “light-skinned.”) If you are stung by a scorpion (any color) seek help from a local doctor or local health clinic where you can be administered with an antidote.

Are there lots of mosquitoes in Puerto Vallarta?

Mosquitoes are a common culprit for bug bites in and around Puerto Vallarta, especially in the warmer, more humid months of the summer season. … These tiny terrorists should be handled with caution as they can carry the Dengue and the Zika viruses.