What did the Germans offer to Mexico?

What did Germany offer Mexico in exchange for its allegiance?

In exchange for launching an attack on the United States, Mexico would be free to annex a chunk of the American Southwest. “We intend to begin on the first of February unrestricted submarine warfare,” the telegram read in part. “We shall endeavor in spite of this to keep the United States of America neutral.

What did Germany promise Mexico in return for adding in the war?

The telegram said that if Germany went to war with the United States, Germany promised to help Mexico recover the territory it had lost during the 1840s, including Texas, New Mexico, California, and Arizona.

What did Germany offer to Mexico if it joined the Central Powers?

In the Zimmermann note, Germany offered which of the following if Mexico would join the Central Powers? The return of Mexican lands held by the United States.

Why did Germany want an alliance with Mexico?

Germany promised to help Mexico take back land the United States had taken from Mexico in the Mexican–American War. These places were Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. Germany wanted Mexico to enter the war so America would be too busy to help the enemies of Germany.

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What did Germany offer Mexico if Mexico would side with Germany in the war?

The Germans would provide military and financial support for a Mexican attack on the United States, and in exchange Mexico would be free to annex “lost territory in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.” In addition, Von Eckardt was told to use the Mexicans as a go-between to entice the Japanese Empire to join the German …

Are Germany and Mexico allies?

Germany and Mexico are actually quite big economic partners, with some 1,700 German companies registered in the Latin American country, according to the German Foreign Office.

Did Mexico support Germany in ww1?

These facts marked the participation of Mexico in the Great War. The Carranza government was de jure recognized by Germany at the beginning of 1917 and by the U.S. on August 31, 1917, the latter as a direct consequence of the Zimmermann telegram in an effort to ensure Mexican Neutrality in the Great War.

Did Germany send a telegram to Mexico?

In January 1917, British cryptographers deciphered a telegram from German Foreign Minister Arthur Zimmermann to the German Minister to Mexico, Heinrich von Eckhardt, offering United States territory to Mexico in return for joining the German cause.

Why did Germany send the telegram?

Zimmermann sent the telegram in anticipation of resumption of unrestricted submarine warfare, an act the German government expected would likely lead to war with the U.S. Zimmermann hoped tensions with Mexico would slow shipments of supplies, munitions, and troops to the Allies if the U.S. was tied down on its southern …

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