What is the most popular retail store to shop at in Mexico?

What is the best chain of shops in Mexico?

The largest retail chain doing business in Mexico is Walmart México y Centroamérica (also known as Walmex), which is, of course, part of the largest retail chain in the world.

Is Walmart popular in Mexico?

Market position

Among leading supermarkets in Mexico, the net annual income of Walmart de México has far exceeded that of its main competitors, Soriana and Chedraui. Combined, these two companies make up roughly a third of the leading companies’ supermarket sales in Mexico, while Walmart brings in a decisive majority.

What are grocery stores called in Mexico?

Some of the more main supermarket chains in Mexico are Chedraui, Mega, Soriana, and Superama, most are hypermarkets. Hypermarkets are large stores with a wide range of goods and a large parking lot, typically situated outside a town.

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