What is the name of the town in Mexico you can ride donkeys to?

How do I get to Big Bend from Mexico?

The Boquillas Crossing Port of Entry is the only place within Big Bend National Park to leave the USA for Mexico and to legally re-enter the USA and is typically used to visit the small Mexican town of Boquillas del Carmen just across the river.

Is the Boquillas crossing open?

The crossing is open Wednesday through Sunday year round from 9:00am until 6:00pm. It is advisable to arrive back at the port of entry 30 minutes before closing time. During December and January, the crossing hours may be changed to open at 8:00am and close at 5:00pm.

Can you cross to Boquillas Mexico?

Boquillas Border Crossing: The International Ferry

To cross the Rio Grande, swim (if you dare) or take the ferry that costs $5 US per person round trip each. The “international ferry” is a rowboat that will ferry you across to a stable of awaiting donkeys.

Do you need a passport for Big Bend?

For $5 round-trip, visitors with a valid passport can be ferried across the Rio Grande on a small rowboat to the village of Boquillas. Once there, vendors sell goods and you can even pay to ride a burro.

Is it safe to cross into Mexico from Big Bend?

Finally, as unique as this port of entry is, it is still a legal border crossing, so you must have your passports to visit the town. The beautiful view across the Rio Grande River, the only thing separating Mexico from Big Bend National Park in Texas.

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Is Santa Elena Canyon open?

Santa Elena Canyon Road is now open all the way to the canyon trailhead! … You can now access the paved road all the way to Santa Elena Canyon Trail. The trail may still be muddy, so hike with caution. The trailhead has an iconic, rewarding view!