What kind of hot sauce do Mexicans like?

Why is Valentina so good?

There seems to be two major reasons why people love Valentina hot sauce so much. Number one, the price is very affordable; and number two, the quality is great. … Even the original flavor is really good too,” and it pretty much sums up why hot sauce fans enjoy this brand so much.

Which is better Valentina or Cholula?

Cholula Hot Sauce

Known for its distinctive wood top, Cholula is thinner and slightly spicier than Valentina, with an official rating of 1,000 SHU. It also has a complex chile profile, thanks to the use of two kinds — arbol and piquin. With 110 milligrams of salt per teaspoon, it’s nearly twice as salty as Valentina.

Do Mexicans eat hot sauce?

Mexico has a deep love affair with chiles, and one of the ways that we love to use them is in hot sauce. There are many different varieties and brands of hot sauce available in North America, with varying degrees of heat and flavor.

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