What percent of gardeners are Mexican?

What percent of people have a garden?

What percentage of households in the US have gardens? In the US about 25% of households garden. In the west 23% of Americans Garden, in the mid-west 26%, in the northeast 22%, and in the south 29% of Americans gardens.

How many people grow their own gardens?

Backyard vegetable gardens are so popular that 40 percent of all American households–33 million of them–grow their own, according to a recent Gallup survey conducted by the National Garden Association.

What percentage of Americans grow a garden?

According to the National Gardening Association (NGA), 35 percent of households in the US grow food either at home or in a community garden. This means that two million more families are involved in gardening, up 200 percent since 2008.

How popular is gardening?

Five million of the six million “new” gardening households were Millennials. Food gardening and flower gardening were the most popular gardening activities last year. About one out of three households participated in food gardening (36 percent) or flower gardening (34 percent).

How much does a gardener make yearly?

Entry-level positions start at $29,250 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $50,700 per year.

How much do gardeners make in the UK?

According to a straw poll I conducted amongst professional gardeners who work in the UK, the average hourly rate is £20.60. Lower rates – I often hear £10 an hour quoted as a somewhat derogatory figure both by people who employ gardeners and by horticultural professionals themselves.

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How many households grow vegetables?

According to the source, an estimated 31.9 million U.S. households participated in vegetable gardening in 2019.

How many gardeners are there in the US?

Did you know that gardening is the number one hobby in America? About 70 million households participate in some type of gardening activity each year from raising vegetables to lawn care or planting flower beds or boxes.