What was a goal of the Zapatistas of Mexico in 1994 quizlet?

What did the Zapatistas do in 1994?

In San Cristóbal de las Casas, the Zapatistas released 230 predominantly Indigenous prisoners and also demolished land records. Soon after, Subcomandante Marcos stated the EZLN’s declaration of war against the Mexican state. … A ceasefire was finally called by the Mexican government on January 12, 1994.

What is a parastatal in Mexico?

Parastatal. a government owned corporation to compersate for the lack of private economic development or to ensure complete and equitable service to the whole country. Sexenio. the six-year term that a Mexican president serves in office.

Which of the following is the best example of a parastatal in Mexico?

The best known parastatal is PEMEX. These companies often produce goods and services that in other countries are carried out by private individuals, and the Mexican government owned many of them.

What was the goal of the Zapatistas of Mexico in 1994?

Their initial goal was to instigate a revolution against the rise of neoliberalism throughout Mexico, but since no such revolution occurred, they used their uprising as a platform to call attention to their movement to protest the signing of the NAFTA, which the EZLN believed would increase inequality in Chiapas.

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What was a goal of the Zapatistas of Mexico in 1994 quizlet?

What were the Zapatistas fighting for? Better housing, better healthcare, better education, and better jobs for the indigenous people.

What is parastatal organization?

Meaning of parastatal in English

used to describe a company or organization which is owned by a country’s government and often has some political power: The intention of the Government is for all parastatal companies to be privatized.

What industries does the Mexican government own?

Because the constitution stipulates that “national strategic” enterprises should be owned by the state, the government is keeping full or controlling ownership of such giant monopolies as Pemex for the petroleum industry, Telephones of Mexico in telecommunications, the railways, electric power and uranium.

Which institution has responsibility for organizing federal elections in Mexico?

The Instituto Nacional Electoral (INE) (English for National Electoral Institute) (formerly Federal Electoral Institute (Instituto Federal Electoral, IFE)) is an autonomous, public organization responsible for organizing federal elections in Mexico, that is, those related to the election of the President of the United …

What oil companies are in Mexico?

Top 5 Oil and Gas Companies in Mexico

  • Pemex.
  • Mexican Eagle Petroleum Company.
  • ALFA.
  • Solben.
  • Tenaris.

What is Mexico’s oil company?

Petróleos Mexicanos, byname Pemex, state-owned Mexican company, a producer, refiner, and distributor of crude oil, natural gas, and petroleum products. It is one of the largest petroleum companies in the world.