When did Mexico win independence from France?

How did Mexico gain their independence?

The Mexican War of Independence began on September 16, 1810, when Father Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla declared independence in the town of Dolores. … In 1821, Spanish soldier Agustín de Iturbide decamped and joined the Mexican movement. He led troops in capturing Mexico City and declared it independent.

How did Spain lose Mexico?

The revolutionary tract called for the end of Spanish rule in Mexico, redistribution of land, and racial equality. After some initial successes, Hidalgo was defeated, captured, and executed. … On August 24, 1821, O’Donojú signed the Treaty of Córdoba, thus ending New Spain’s dependence on Old Spain.

Why is 1821 important?

September 1821 marked the end of Mexico’s war of independence from Spain.

When did Mexico become independent 1980?

Mexico declared independence from Spain on September 16, 1810.

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