Where is the coast of Mexico?

What is the coast of Mexico called?

Gulf of California, also called Sea of Cortez, Spanish Golfo de California, or Mar de Cortés, large inlet of the eastern Pacific Ocean along the northwestern coast of Mexico. It is enclosed by the Mexican mainland to the east and by the mountainous peninsula of Baja California to the west.

Which coast of Mexico is best?

West Coast: Mexico’s west coast is often visited by those looking for a more cultural experience. From art galleries to old traditions and architecture, the west coast provides a strong insight to Mexico’s past and present. Thanks to its Pacific waves, it’s also the best coast for surfers.

What are the coastal states of Mexico?

How long is Mexico’s coastline? Only seven other states have a marine coast. They are Jalisco, Yucatán, Nayarit, Chiapas, Michoacán, Tabasco and Colima.

Has Mexico got a coastline?

Mexico’s Pacific coast, and especially its northern stretches, has long been the playground of American tourists: now, thanks to new weekly flights to Puerto Vallarta from Gatwick and Manchester with Thomson, we Britons can join them in the sand pit.

What are Mexico 2 main coasts?

A tale of Mexico’s two coastlines: Yucatán Peninsula & Baja California Sur

  • Mexico’s coastline really does have it all.
  • Discover your daily dose of history at the world’s most important Maya sites. ( …
  • Baja California is full of natural wonders. (
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How many coasts does Mexico have?

Mexico has a 9,330 kilometer coastline, of which 7,338 kilometers face the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of California, and the remaining 2,805 kilometers front the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea.

What cities are on the Pacific coast of Mexico?

Major Pacific coastal cities include Tijuana, Ensenada, Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco, and Salina Cruz.

Where should I go on the east coast of Mexico?

There’s a reason that everybody knows the names of Cancun and Playa del Carmen: Vacations on the East Coast of Mexico are truly unforgettable.

  • Cancun. Luxury resorts, sprawling malls, glitzy nightlife and high-end restaurants. …
  • Cozumel. …
  • Isla Holbox. …
  • Tulum. …
  • Playa de Carmen. …
  • Isla Mujeres.