Does birch grow in Mexico?

Can birch trees grow anywhere?

Birch trees can grow in pairs or clusters. … Some smaller types of birches are yellow birch, which grows anywhere from fifty to seventy-five feet, the river birch which grows anywhere from fifty to sixty feet, and the smallest yet, the gray birch which very rarely grows higher than forty feet.

Which country has the most birch trees?

Birch is also a very important commercial tree species in Russia and in Belarus.

Birch resources.

Country Total volume of birch, Mm3 Proportion of the total volume, %
Countries where birch is listed among the 10 most common species
Russia 11 023 14
Finland 357 16
Sweden 334 11

Does Australia have birch trees?

Highly regarded for their beautiful ornamental bark, Birches are one of the most popular medium-sized trees grown in Australia and yet many people are unaware of the wide variety of styles available.

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