Does Puerto Vallarta have a rainforest?

Is Puerto Vallarta considered tropical?

Climate – Puerto Vallarta (Jalisco)

The climate of Puerto Vallarta is tropical, hot all year round, with a dry, less hot period from December to April and a muggy, rainy period from June to October.

Does Puerto Vallarta have a rainforest?

Just past Banderas Bay and also the city of Puerto Vallarta, the Sierra Madre Mountains produce an epic backdrop to one of Mexico’s premier destinations. Within the valleys and canyons of this mountain range, a abundant rainforest acts as home to an incredible selection of plant and animal life.

What is Puerto Vallarta known for?

Puerto Vallarta is a stunning resort town located on Mexico’s Pacific coast in Jalisco state. Known for its spectacular beaches, marine life, water sports, and local resorts, Puerto Vallarta is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world.

Is Puerto Vallarta tropical or desert?

Puerto Vallarta has a typical tropical climate, with nearly constant temperature and humidity year round.

Which is better Cabo or Puerto Vallarta?

Cabo is a bit more tourist-orientated than Puerto Vallarta, so there’s a good shopping scene, lots of tourist excursions, and the nightlife is lively. … Puerto Vallarta, on the other hand, has some decent beaches, is relaxed and has a more authentic feel compared to Cabo.

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Is Puerto Vallarta surrounded by jungle?

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, is located on Banderas Bay, which is 32 kilometres wide. … “Vallarta sits on the second largest bay in the world, and it’s surrounded by mountains that go up 6,000 feet [1,828 metres]. So you have beautiful beaches, surrounded by mountains with lush jungles, rivers flowing into the jungles.”

Are there crocodiles in Puerto Vallarta?

According to data from the University of Guadalajara and various studies carried out by the municipal government and the director of the El Salado estuary, there are only 250 crocodiles in Puerto Vallarta and only 40 of them are of adult age.

Are there poisonous snakes in Puerto Vallarta?

Poisonous snakes include the Mexican rattlesnake and the fer-de-lance. Locals call the latter cuatro narices (four noses) because it appears to have four nostrils. It’s also called nauyaca; the bite of this viper can be deadly.