Your question: Is it expensive to give birth in Mexico?

What country is the most expensive to give birth?

Japan is the most expensive country in which to deliver a baby, according to Coyne College researchers, costing a whooping $61,810! But researchers note that Japan is widely acknowledged as one of the safest places to give birth.

Where is the cheapest place to deliver a baby?

These are the five cheapest cities to deliver a baby via C-section:

  • Pittsburgh: $6,891.
  • Kansas City: $8,032.
  • St. Louis: $8,323.
  • Cleveland: $8,772.
  • Atlanta: $9,424.

How much is a cesarean in Mexico?

Many private Mexican health plans pay for Caesareans but not for vaginal birth, even though at a private hospital the costs are similar, about $4,000 for vaginal delivery and $6,000 for a C-section.

Which country is childbirth free?

Portugal. Portugal is one of the safest places in the world to give birth, with a 0.31% infant mortality rate. The country has a national health system which co-exists with other health sub-systems. In simple terms, the comprehensive system means that citizens get free health care and maternity checks are covered.

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Is the US the most expensive place to give birth?

The U.S. Is The World’s Most Expensive Nation For Childbirth [Infographic] … Estimates of the average cost of childbirth in the U.S. vary widely from source to source and advocacy group Childbirth Connection claims hospitals charge just over $32,000 for a standard delivery and more than $51,000 for a caesarean section.

How much does it cost to deliver a baby without insurance?

While maternity expenses for insured moms might seem high, the numbers are far higher if you have no insurance at all. The Truven Report put the uninsured cost of having a baby at anywhere from $30,000 for an uncomplicated vaginal birth to $50,000 for a C-section.

What is the average cost for delivering a baby?

Type of Birth

It also depends on what state you live in. According to data collected by Fair Health, the average cost of having a vaginal delivery is between $5,000 and $11,000 in most states. The numbers are higher for C-sections, with prices ranging from $7,500 to $14,500.

How much does it cost to give birth in New Zealand?


The vast majority of babies are born in hospitals. She (or he) will see you through your whole pregnancy and will be there when you’re giving birth. While maternity care in New Zealand is free, a private obstetrician will cost between $3000 and $4000.

How much does it cost to deliver a baby in Mexico?

According to figures from the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco), the cost of natural childbirth in a hospital or clinic can range from 9,660 to 28,999 pesos, while birth by cesarean section ranges from 11,990 to 43 thousand 999 pesos.

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Is it expensive to give birth in Mexico?

Birth in Mexico runs relatively cheap but still may feature major hidden costs. While there is no average cost associated with delivery in Mexico, Martina Žoldoš recounted her hospital experience to Matador Network. Her expected $600 price was more than doubled, due to her doctor’s last-minute Cesarean suggestion.

Are C sections common in Mexico?

Mexico has one of the highest rates of cesarean sections in the world. Almost half of all births there are by C-section. But, as Jonathan Levinson reports from Mexico City, some women there are upset about the practice and they’re looking for alternatives.